More about Mia Bergström

Mia Bergström (15 August 1990) was born and was raised in Bålsta, a small town located outside of Stockholm in Sweden. 

She began her musical studies at young age of 8 and strived to become a classical pianist. It wasn’t until she reached the age of 20 years old that she decided to study the art of classical singing. 

Mia studied 3 years in Vadstena Folk high school from 2009-2012. The first year she studied as a pianist for the teacher Anders Peterson. When she began her vocal studies it was under the tutelage of Dr. Monica Thomasson 2010. 

After Vadstena Mia Bergström continued her studies in Copenhagen at The Royal Danish Academy of Music where she studied for vocal teacher Hanna Hjort. She received her bachelors degree in classical singing 2015. Mia continued to start her masters degree for Marianne Rørholm at The Royal Danish Academy of Music.

Mia Bergström is a highly educated singer in both opera, oratorio and lied-repertoire. During the years 2012-2015 she completed a bachelor degree in classical music with voice as her main instrument, from The Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen. In the fall of 2016 she began her studies at The Royal Danish Opera Academy in Copenhagen, from which she recently graduated during the spring of 2019.

Mia has been privileged to receive outstanding training from singers, vocal coaches, instructors and actors. Including participating in masterclasses lead by Bo Skovhus, Susan McCulloch and Fiona McSherry.

“Mia Bergström is a very talented singer with a beautiful remarkable voice and a great dramatic talent, giving her great possibilities for a fine career on the opera stage.”  - Thomas Darelius, pianist and vocal coach at The Royal Danish Academy of Music. 

Mia has a warm lyrical voice with an easy access to both her deep and high notes which makes it possible for her to sing a wide range of operatic roles. Since her access to the deep range of her voice is one of her greatest strengths she loves to sing baroque music and early bel canto.

Mia has received scholarships from, among others, Håbo commune and St. John the S: t Eriks of the Swedish Freemasonry Jubilee Fund.

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